Pet Life Magazine, New Zealand Pet Life Magazine Issue 4 Spring 2017 - Page 9

free in the wild. Housing: - Big tanks with loads of swimming space make for happy turtles. Hatchlings can start out in a tank with a length of 1m but by 6-12 months that should be 120cm long x 50cm wide x 60cm high. - The water needs to be at least 30-35cm deep, and basking areas are required. - Hatchlings require a water temperature of 24C-26C. After 1 year of age, reduce the temperature to 20C in summer. By 2 years of age, a heater is no longer required in summer but a temperature of 22C-24C is recommended in winter. Don’t make it too hot, though, because being too hot for too long can lead to rapid growth causing organ damage. - Turtles are messy and go to the toilet in the water – keep water clean by partially changing it every week, and an external filter helps. - Turtles need UVA and UVB light for healthy functioning and strong shells – make sure nothing blocks the light fr om dir ectly reaching the reaching the turtle, such as glass turtle, such as glass or Perspex covers. - A heat source is needed to get turtles out of the water to dry out. - Don’t put a lid on the tank because condensation will build up, causing shell rot and pneumonia. - Make an attractive living area: stones on the bottom of the tank should be big enough that they can’t be swallowed; don’t give large rocks that could tumble and cause injury; give driftwood for scratching against. - Turtles over 15cm can live outdoors in a fenced-off pond enclosure in a sunny spot. Don’t use concrete – pond liners are fine, or a natural bottom. Kit out enclosure with logs and artificial grass for basking areas, and provide a nesting area for females. You can use a 50/50 sand-organic compost mix, about 30cm deep. - Don’t attempt hibernation if you don’t know what you are doing. Feeding: - Feed live worms, snails, woodlice and other insects, and commercially made foods such as pellets. - Feed a quantity the size of the turtle’s head – feed hatchlings daily and adults every second day. - Give greens such as water weeds, mesclun salad, carrot sticks, and kumara pieces as often as you like. Safe4 Shampoos Infused with aloe vera, both Safe4 animal shampoos combine antibacterial and antifungal agents with coat conditioners to soothe and cleanse your pet’s skin. Our white dog shampoo gently enhances and revitalises the brightness and whiteness of the coat. Caring for you, those in your care and the environment. Safe4 Odour Killer Problems with pet smells? Safe4 Odour Kill kills the bacteria that cause the smell, so helps stop repeat offending. Can be used on all surfaces including carpets and soft furnishings (read the label first). 0800 723 347 INDEPENDENT QUALITY ASSURANCE