Pet Life Magazine, New Zealand Pet Life Magazine Issue 4 Spring 2017 - Page 8

EXOTICS PETS RN EASTE DRAGON R WATE Eastern water dragons, which originate from the eastern coast of Australia, are not really a “friendly” pet. They will get used to their owners, and some gentle handling may be permitted in exchange for food after much time and patience, but generally they are not big on being picked up and loved. Water dragons are big (up to 1m for males and 80cm for females, mostly all tail), can live for 25 years and need enough water to totally submerge in, so they are quite a commitment. They are hardy creatures and not fussy eaters – but they will take up a lot of space and time and give little back apart from looking absolutely fabulous. Housing: - Water dragons need a lot of space because they are quite active. Start juveniles in a tank and upgrade as they grow. - Tanks need enough water to submerge in completely and dry areas for basking. Water must be kept at temperature of 15C-24C, and regularly cleaned as dragons go to the toilet in it. - Water dragons need warmth, up to 35C – too cold and they won’t eat, too hot and they can overheat and die. Provide heat lamps for basking