Pet Life Magazine, New Zealand Pet Life Magazine Issue 4 Spring 2017 - Page 7

New Zealand’s next top model Make no bones about it – Ms Coco Chanel is a diva! The French Bulldog belonging to marketing and business development manager Craig Brown and New Zealand model Colin Mathura-Jeffree is incredibly vain. Her beauty has seen her star in a cosmetics TV commercial and appear multiple times in celebrity pages. Ms Coco, who will not reveal her age, says she’s the real model in her household and she’s always having to prop up Master Colin whenever his star fades, “as it often does” – he’s only on the cover of this magazine with Ms Coco because she bribed Pet Life with a bottle of French Champagne. Ms Coco says Master Colin – best known as being a judge on New Zealand’s Next Top Model – whines a bit about her being the centre of attention because “he’s an attention seeker” himself, although he pretends not to be. Daddy Craig is her agent and boss – he got her for her Frenchie “elegance and aesthetic perfection”, according to Ms Coco – while Master Colin is at the bottom of the pack, sneaking her treats in return for help to make his star shine. “We have a secret relationship where CMJ feeds my addictions … and I treat him OK!” Pet Life is Ms Coco’s first magazine cover shoot, and fashion photographer Rob Trathen says she behaved like a “rock star” in front of the camera. “She will do anything for a doggy treat!” Being a Frenchie, there are rumours that Ms Coco has had a nose job but vet surgeons are keeping silent after signing confidentiality agreements. Ms Coco is lazy and enjoys food far too much, but she believes her fuller figure accentuates her good looks. Named after the late great French fashion icon Coco Chanel, Ms Coco loves cuddles, food, warmth, long trips on the luxury boat, car rides, snuggles, tickles, ripping eyes out of stuffed toys, sleeping, singing, long walks on the beach and more food. She hates cold morning walks, and turns up her nose at treats sent by PR companies for product endorsement. “I’m not some fluffed up Poodle with an attention disorder. I give them to CMJ to play with. “I’m no sellout … I’m a princess.”