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Editor e h t m o r f Letter There’s nothing like chatting to the owners of hero dogs to put yourself and your pooches to shame! For this issue I spoke to four owners of incredible dogs that spread their super powers far and wide. Who are these amazing dogs, so obedient and clever, that can and will do everything on command or just know the right way to behave? And listen! And where can I get myself one? Some days it’s a struggle just to get the dogs out of the kitchen while I’m cooking dinner. But joking aside, it takes much time and effort to train dogs for a particular service, and many do not make the cut for some reason or another. Among the dogs in this issue, Rush works the police beat, Mena sniffs out little blue penguins for conservation efforts and Liam keeps safe a boy with cerebral palsy. These dogs have all been subjected to daily intensive training and evaluations, and training is ongoing throughout their lives – they must prove that they continue to be adept at the skills they have gained. I guess my training is a little more basic. Sit! Wait! Down! No! And then I figure that maturity will kick in for a better-behaved dog whose ears aren’t painted on. There is a huge difference between my super-chilled out, relaxed and good listener 9-year old Labrador Marley and bonkers 1-year-old Ridgeback Roxy, who bounces off the walls. But I do remember wanting to throttle Marls many times when she was a pup. Working for a pet magazine, and having owned many pets in my lifetime, it seems as if every story evokes memories and emotions, and this issue is no exception. The fish hook story reminds me of the time that Moss dog got one through her lip and the old man came home from work to find his pup passed out on the lawn after the vet had been called in to remove it. Man, was he angry! An interview with Kids Safe With Dogs Charitable Trust director Jo Clough reminds me of the time when Ella, as a giant, happy puppy, chased a girl for fun but it wasn’t funny at all because the girl was really scared of dogs and fell on her face screaming blue murder. There’s a piece in here on desexing pets that makes me wonder whether I timed that right for any of my dogs – Marley was spayed at six months and has suffered from urinary incontinence since about 5 or 6 years of age. And kind of funny but not really, the advice on caring for exotics reminds me of Bald Pommy Bloke running inside with our lifeless pet water dragon – he was all ready to throw her on the bonfire when she spluttered awake from hibernation. I hope reading our latest issue of Pet Life magazine also brings you much enjoyment, reflection, and answers some questions. inger THE TEAM MANAGING DIRECTOR Print & Distribution: & ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE Inkwise Amy Scott-Thomas CONTRIBUTORS Jo Clough - Pet First Aid & Training EDITOR Inger Vos Liza Schneider - Dr Liza Holistic Vet WRITER Morgan Healey CREATIVE In house CONTACT DETAILS Red Swamp Road, RD1, Kaikoura DISCLAIMER Pet Life magazine is subject to copyright in its whole entirety. No part of the contents within are to be reproduced in any form, either whole or in part, without prior consent from Pet Life Ltd. Pet Life Ltd reserves the right to accept, reject or modify editorial and advertising material. All rights reserved. Opinions expressed within this publication are not necessarily those of Pet Life Ltd, their contributors, associated businesses or any related entities. Pet Life Ltd makes every effort to ensure that all information is true and correct from experts within their field. However, Pet Life Ltd or any persons involved with this publication does not accept any liability for the magazine’s content. The inclusion of any product, service or business within this publication should not be interpreted as ratification by Pet Life Ltd. Copyright © 2016. ISSN 2537-7140 (Print) ISSN 2537-7183 (Online) Super model: Ms Coco Chanel Wearing: Natalie Chan Extra model: Colin Mathura-Jeffree Wearing: Natalie Chan Photo credit: Robert Trathen Coordinator: Donna Balasoglou @donnabellab Craig Brown (agent to Ms Coco Chanel) email for bookings