Pet Life Magazine, New Zealand Pet Life Magazine Issue 4 Spring 2017 - Page 23

space than others. The best option is to have your rabbits free range in a securely fenced backyard, or free range in your home. Another great option is to attach a permanent run to an existing hutch so your rabbit al- ways has the freedom to exercise whenever it wishes! The rescue endeavours to rehome rabbits in pairs, unless of course they are going to be a companion to an existing rabbit. It’s not fair to keep a rabbit all on its own as they are very social creatures and thrive with their own kind for company. If you are adopting a rabbit as a companion for your existing rabbit then you will need to bring them out to have a meet and greet with any rabbit you would like to adopt. This is to ensure they will get along, and the rescue happily gives advice on how to bond rabbits. Rabbits can live until they are 10- 12 years. You need to be ready to care for your rabbit for this long. This includes annual health checks and vaccinations. The adoption fee is $80 for one rabbit or $140 for a pair. This money goes towards the cost of desexing, vaccinations and other veterinary costs while in care. When adopting a rabbit you will be given a care guide and receive continued support from Rabbit Rescue should you have any que- ries or questions. Rabbits often start off with a ‘trial adoption’ to ensure everything runs smoothly. If for some reason an adopted rabbit needs to be rehomed, there is an agreement that states the rabbit MUST come back into the care of Wellington Rabbit Rescue. This means it can ensure any rab- bits that come through the shelter have a safe and happy home for life. You can see more about Wellington Rabbit Rescue at If you are able to help by giving a donation please check out the Givealittle page tonrabbitrescue Contact Wellington Rabbit Rescue via If you wou ld like to b e featured rescue su as our perstar em ail editor@pe . Many things in life will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your hear t. Expensive veterinary care? Don’t worry. We’re here to help. If your pets treatment costs more than $1000, we can reduce the pain with our stress-free, quick and easy spread payment option. Love is a four legged word 0800 333 729 |