Pet Life Magazine, New Zealand Pet Life Magazine Issue 4 Spring 2017 - Page 16

Meet our readers My pets are rabbits. Their names are Winston, aged 4, and Snowy, 2. Winston is a black lop-eared rabbit and Snowy is a white and grey one. They clean each other a lot because they are the best of friends. Our rabbits live inside like cats and use a cat flap to go outside to eat grass and run around during the day. In the afternoon we get the bunnies in so they are safe at night. The rabbits have an indoor cage that has a potty (corner litter box), rabbit pellets, hay and water. I help to keep it clean and give them fresh food and water every day. Sometimes the bun- nies get carrots or other vegetables, too. They beg for treats from the petshop or cranberries (they love, love them). They stand on two feet and stretch until they get them. The rabbits also have lots to chew. We have a fire so they nibble on the firewood – this helps their teeth stay short. We take our bunnies to the vets for checkups like other ani- mals. They had to have a jab so they didn't get sick from wild bunnies, and sometimes they have to go because they are sick, too. Snowy cut her neck so had to have honey dressings and wear this wee vest Mum made so she couldn't lick her wound to make it worse. Winston and Snowy love to be brushed and cuddled. Winston nudges us when he wants attention, and when we tell him off (for trying to eat the carpet) he thumps his foot and makes a funny noise. I love Winston and Snowy so much. Hi there. My name is Alice Ng, owner of Daisy. Daisy just turned 1 in March. Daisy is an adventurous dog. She loves to play in the long, tall grass, catch her tennis ball and to go to the beach. She enjoys splashing in the water at the beach, however she isn't keen to go for a swim. She loves finding treasures like shells at the beach and playing catch with them. She also loves to dig with her paws in the wet sand. Daisy loves to play frisbee with her mum and dad (owners). She doesn't get tired of playing frisbee very easily. She is really friendly and gentle towards all other dogs, both big and small. One of her best friends is Puddles whom she visits nearly every day for a doggy date. She has two cat friends at home. Daisy goes for a stroll with her cat friends every day. They enjoy each other's company. Some of her favourite treats are goats horn and pig ears. She is very loved. Alice Ng Thank you so much for the flax oil that you recently sent me. Kentucky is looking superb after just a couple of weeks on it . Here he is gleaming in the winter sunshine whilst enjoying his Provida in his feed! To look this glossy in July is just amazing! Caroline Cornish Katelyn Eves d r from you, sen We want to hea ur tell us about yo us a photo and pets. Email info A COMPLETE COLLECTION OF WELLNESS SUPPLEMENTS FOR THE HEALTH AND HAPPINESS OF OUR ANIMALS. THAT IS THE ESSENCE OF PROVIDA - ‘FOR LIFE’. AVAILABLE IN PET STORES, VET CLINICS & SELECTED SOUTH ISLAND NEW WORLD SUPERMARKETS, AND ONLINE AT WWW.PROVIDA.CO.NZ