Pet Life Magazine, New Zealand Pet Life Magazine Issue 4 Spring 2017 - Page 15

you a sniff. Then gently and slowly stroke the dog on the back or side. If the dog decides it has had enough it can move away. Don’t lean over the dog – move to the side of the dog before you stroke it. * Stop and stay still * Wrap your branches – hold your elbows * Keep quiet * Stare at your roots – look at your feet 3. Stand Like a Tree We teach children to hold their elbows to stop them from moving their arms around – for some dogs this can be like waving a toy. What happens when you come across a dog that is over excited, intimidating, scary or just wants to say hello to you? You may be a bit frightened or just not interested. It can be very tempting, especially for children, to run away. Don’t! This can cause a lot more problems! When anyone runs from a dog it can initiate a chasing behaviour, and as dogs are generally a lot faster than humans it doesn’t take long for ‘chase’ to turn into ‘catch’. The dog may not intend to cause any harm, it may just be overexcited and chasing the child like it would any other toy or dog friend. However, when a dog catches a child it may use its teeth, just like we would use our hand in tag. Although not malicious, it is still painful and in some cases can cause a great deal of damage. As hard as it may be, the best thing to do is to stand like a tree. The idea is that you become still and boring then the dog will leave you alone and find something more entertaining to do. Where to from here? We have some really exciting things in the pipeline and we are getting some fantastic support and encouragement from various district councils, local businesses, private citizens and community programmes. We recently translated our Activity Book into te reo Maori. Each child receives an activity book when they do the interactive programme. Te Whanau O Waipareira Trust have just made a wonderful donation to the charity and we will be working with them to deliver the programme. For more information, or to find out how you can sponsor a school in your region, go to or call 0508 DOG SAFE. Nature’s own tooth cleaners discovered! Happypet have been selling venison tendon chews since 2005. Over the years, dogs have rated these as being way above all other food treats. They do their best to show humans they like tendons! “They are camped in front of the storage cupboard looking hopeful.” “Our dog goes almost crazy when the Happypet package arrives.” “Dog very happy.” “Dog didn't want to leave me alone when he smelt the parcel. He absolutely loves his treats.” People have also found that venison tendons are very good for dogs’ teeth: “The tendons have improved my dog’s teeth amazingly, even the vet asked.” “I find the tendons are doing a good job at keeping his teeth in great condition.” “Those wonderful tendons have saved our sanity, our dog’s teeth and improved his overall wellbeing.” Venison tendons are made