Pet Gazette March 2019 - Page 32

32 | PET GAZETTE | WHIMIZEES ADVERTORIAL WHIMZEES - HELPING ALL DOGS GAIN CHAMPIONSHIP SMILES! It may be the month for Crufts, but it doesn’t mean only championship dogs can display championship smiles! W himzees - the all natural daily dental chew for dogs - has been bringing a simple and fun message around daily dental care to its consumers here in the UK via online platforms, with the help of an entertaining video and interactive campaign through its Facebook page - www. Caring for dogs’ teeth is the reason behind every Whimzees dental chew produced, and supporting this important message of canine dental care is Whimzees’ Dr Danielle Bernal – a global expert in pet healthcare with over a decade of experience in veterinary medicine specialising in animal nutrition. Dr Bernal is over in the UK this month, visiting Crufts and promoting good canine dental practice to owners and pet stores alike. “Canine dental disease is an epidemic in the UK and the number one health issue affecting all dogs. In the past 10 years alone there has been a 23% increase in dental disease seen in companion animals to now impact 80% of adult dogs and 96% of dogs over 12 years of age,” explains Dr Bernal. Yet despite these alarming statistics showing the number of dogs suffering dental issues, just 2% of dog owners are actively caring for their dog’s teeth by brushing on a daily basis. Dr Bernal continues: “To you and I, dogs with discoloured teeth, red or inflamed gums or just even that ‘doggy breath’ may seem a normal part of being a dog; but in fact they are the very real signs of tooth decay which will be causing a pet unnecessary discomfort.” Dr Bernal explains how we should be caring for our dogs’ teeth far more regularly, ideally brushing their teeth at home as well as taking them to the vets for dental check-ups: “With today’s ever hectic lifestyle we are seeing more and more that in order to have successful at-home care for our dogs teeth, we need to give owners a simple and easy - but also scientifically proven - option to help them keep their dogs teeth clean. A dental chew like Whimzees can be that perfect solution. Two Whimzees shapes – the toothbrush and Brushzees - have received accreditation from the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) for their role in tartar reduction. “It has been shown in numerous studies that when given daily, these all natural dental chews help reduce plaque and tartar build up whilst promoting healthier gums and a fresher breath than if that dog was just eating regular dry food. These are the exact benefits that can help minimise the occurrence of dental disease,” says Dr Bernal. But can you teach an old dog new tricks? As dog owners, we may be worried that we haven’t done the right thing by our dog’s teeth this far; however the good news is that it is never too late to start the right approach to dental care for your pet and it doesn’t have to be a daunting process. “Making some simple changes, like offering a daily Whimzees dental chew and booking in your annual vet check-up to get your dog’s teeth checked is the easiest way to start your faithful friend on its way to better dental health,” says Dr Bernal. This month at Crufts, Dr Bernal will be offering free dental check- ups to dogs visiting the Whimzees stand with their owners and advising on how to get dogs’ teeth to top condition. “I am really excited to be meeting UK dog owners and their animals and helping them get daily dental care right for their pets,” Dr Bernal concludes. Whimzees uses all-natural ingredients, is low in fat and calories and has no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, GMOs, gluten, or meat. This means that Whimzees is suitable for daily use for all dogs and especially the sensitive ones. Best of all, with a three times longer chewing time than leading competitor dental chews, they also make for three times more fun. Make your switch to Whimzees daily dental care for your dog. Follow Whimzees online at: March 2019