Pet Gazette March 2019 - Page 30

30 | PET GAZETTE SOAPBOX essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorous and, although a safe ingredient, ash has minimal nutritional benefit. As such, we’re proud to be able to minimise the ratio of ash to nutritionally high protein in our products thanks to our significant investment in technology and production processes. One example of this investment is our new £8m processing facility at our dried product manufacturing site in Nottingham. This purpose-built centre houses dedicated processing equipment for specialist poultry products with new lines that utilise the latest technology to process over 200,000 tonnes of poultry by products every year. The resulting high quality poultry meat meal, hydrolysed feather meal and poultry fat is used by some of the world’s leading pet food manufacturers in the production of their premium product lines. DETERMINING THE BEST CHOICES eating the contaminated food. While scenarios like this are thankfully few and far between, the fact remains that 20% of owners still opt for the cheapest food they can find, while a further 15% swap from brand to brand depending on price. While we should all try and be savvy when it comes to price, it’s the ingredients and their quality that should ideally be the determining factor in any pet food purchase. At SARVAL, we supply protein ingredients to the pet food market with products that reinforce our commitment to quality and comply to the highest industry standards. Using state-of-the-art methods, we process raw materials collected from abattoirs nationwide to produce superior meat meals, and fats which are used by the world’s leading pet food manufacturers in the vast majority of products stocked on supermarket shelves. muscle tissue and growing new skin cells, it provides energy and helps keep the immune system strong. Protein is also a key component in helping pets’ bodies to create essential chemicals like hormones and enzymes, that are needed for healthy body function. But the type of protein is also important. Within the pet food industry, protein products have historically contained high levels of ash, due to the nature of the animal by-product raw materials used. The residual ash levels are derived from animal bones and contain The current economic climate means that consumers are increasingly money-conscious, focused on maximising the grocery budget for both their pets and their family. However, in addition to price, pet owners also need to be ingredient-aware. After all, the cheapest food may not be the best financial option if it results in a costly vet bill later down the line. There are plenty of products widely available which provide top pet nutrition without breaking the bank and when it comes to top quality ingredients, our advice is simple. Look at the ingredient list. Does it read like a menu or a chemistry experiment? If in doubt, we recommend pet foods that are made primarily from those pure ingredients that you not only recognise, but that you are likely willing to eat yourself. WHY PROTEIN MATTERS As with all foods, the nutritional value of a product is derived from the make up and freshness of the raw material and the nature of cooking and production. Our products are sourced from within the UK and processed in the most effective way to deliver a premium grade product for the world’s leading pet food manufacturers. Protein is a vital component of a pet’s healthy and balanced diet. In addition to its key roles within the body, such as repairing and building March 2019