Pet Gazette March 2019 - Page 3

EDITOR’S LETTER | PET GAZETTE | 3 MEET THE EXPERTS CONTRIBUTING TO THIS MONTH’S ISSUE Nigel Baker is chief executive of the Pet Industry Federation (PIF). He joined the PIF in 2012 and has more than 30 years’ experience in the pet trade. Nigel has considerable commercial experience from the senior positions he has held in pet food manufacturing and supplier companies. EDITOR’S LETTER The future of the pet and veterinary trade post-Brexit is still John Courteney-Smith MRSB is the bird and reptile manager for Arcadia Products and a full member of the Royal Society of Biology. He believes that we still have much to learn from the wild and has a passionate dedication to ever increasing animal welfare. His aim is to start a ‘revolution in exotic pet care’. relatively unknown nearly three years since the decision to Caroline Offord has worked in the RSPB Communications Department for over ten years and has spent her working life in the conservation/environmental sector. She enjoys being outside in nature and since becoming a mum to two boys is passionate about getting them outdoors to enjoy and experience wildlife and the natural world. not already registered to practise veterinary surgery in the UK Nicole Paley is the communications manager at the PFMA and has worked in the pet food industry for over ten years. Liaising with the PFMA’s team of industry and veterinary nutrition experts, Nicole writes on a range of subjects from pet nutrition to industry trends and developments. animal welfare after the deadline, which is further discussed exit the EU was made and considering how heavily the sector relies on European trade and nationals in certain aspects, it’s important to be somewhat prepared for any outcome. In February, new legislation passed allowing RCVS to continue to register veterinary surgeons from the European Economic Area after the UK leaves the EU. This is useful for those who are as no extra assessments will be required, meaning one less obstacle for qualifi ed EU nationals. More on what the situation could look like for the trade after Brexit, Nicola Ravensford shares her tips on how to make your business adaptable not only for the UK’s exit but also for any circumstances your organisation may face. Read this on page 34. Also have a look at what changes could be made to on page 16. Aside from that, this month we focus on small animals and the ways the sector is making sure this kind of pet is looked after in a way that ensures their health and wellbeing. I hope you enjoy this issue. Shekina Shekina Tuahene, Online editor March 2019