Pet Gazette March 2019 - Page 13

TETRA ADVERTORIAL | PET GAZETTE | 13 TETRA Help consumers enhance their fi shkeeping experience with Tetra T he health and wellness trend is continually growing in the UK with the market now valued at over £23bn, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. With almost half of adults worried about their future health prospects, many are on the quest for natural ways to recharge and improve performance. What’s more, with Brits spending around 69% of their time in their home there is an increased interest in transforming the home into a holistic wellbeing space. As these trends continue to gain momentum, you may notice more customers coming in your store looking for an easy introduction to fi shkeeping or wanting to upgrade to a larger tank to expand their experience. Thankfully, Tetra has a range of aquariums available to suit all levels from beginner to expert. INTRODUCING THE COMPLETE KIT Made of special fl oat glass to offer an undistorted view of your aquarium and fi sh, the Tetra Starter Line range is available in 30L, 54L, 80L and now 105L and contains everything fi shkeepers need to get started. Thanks to its simple fi ltration, the Tetra EasyCrystal Filter is easy to use and helps to maintain healthy water quality while the integrated, modern up to 16-watt LED light effectively illuminates the aquarium and promotes healthy plant growth. In addition, the aquarium includes a heater (up to 100W) which maintains a constant temperature to keep tropical fi sh feeling comfortable. The Helping You To Enjoy Walking Your Dog tanks can also be setup for coldwater fi sh. What’s more, the Tetra Aquatics App, used in conjunction with our Tetra 6in1 test strips, helps to maintain positive water quality through a water test feature and fi shkeepers can also now set up fi lter change reminders to make the process even easier than before. If that wasn’t enough, the Starter Line range includes samples of Goldfi sh Flakes and AquaSafe water conditioner in the 30L Starter Line aquarium, and of TetraMin fi sh food and AquaSafe water conditioner in the 54L Starter Line aquariums and above. All your customers have to do is decide how to set up their aquarium and which fi sh to care for. The 30L Tetra StarterLine aquarium is available from £58.99, whilst the 54L aquarium RRP’s at £76.99, the 80L from £99.99 and 105L from £1255. For more information about Tetra, visit www.tetra-fi or join in the conversation with Tetra UK on Facebook. To advertise here, contact us on: 020 3176 6185 When your customers have tried everything for their pulling dog, give them the ultimate solution. Easy to fit and simple to use, the Canny Collar is the best collar to stop dogs from pulling on lead. Ask your distributor or contact us at, tel 0161 706 0048 March 2019