Pet Gazette DECEMBER 2018 - Page 5

TRADE TALK | PET GAZETTE | 5 PET FOOD MANUFACTURER RECALLS RAW PET FOOD PRODUCTS CONTAINING SALMONELLA The Raw Factory Ltd is recalling various raw pet food products containing tripe and pork because they contain salmonella Raw pet food manufacturer, The Raw Factory Ltd, is recalling various products containing tripe and pork as they have been found to contain salmonella. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said in a statement: “The presence of salmonella in the products listed. [sic] Salmonella is a bacterium that can cause food poisoning in humans and animals. “The product could therefore carry a potential risk, either through direct handling of the pet food, or indirectly for example from food bowls or utensils or contact with the faeces of infected animals. In humans, symptoms caused by salmonella usually include fever, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps.” Point of sale notices will be displayed in all stores that stock the products, which will explain to customers which products have been recalled, as well as why the products are being recalled and what to do if they have bought the products. The FSA said that consumers should “clean utensils and feeding bowls thoroughly” when feeding raw food to pets, adding that they should also “wash hands thoroughly after handling raw pet food and store separate from any ready-to-eat foods”. The FSA said that anyone who has bought affected products can return them to the store for a “full refund”. NORTH WALES PET GROUP ANNOUNCES ‘SUCCESSFUL’ REBRAND WITH £1.2M REFURBISHMENT PetPlace has also overseen a £1.2m refurbishment of its Farm and Pet Place in Abergele as part of the refurbishment work PetPlace has announced it has “successfully” undergone a rebrand which has included a £1.2m refurbishment of its Farm and Pet Place outlet in Abergele. The pet retail group says it has “already seen a rise in sales” following the refurbishment of its Abergele store the group says it plans to roll-out the new look at the group’s other stores in Llangefni, Chirk, Mold and Ruthin from 2019. Sion Pritchard, the company’s managing director, said: “It became apparent looking at the market and where the sector was going that we needed a change. The industry has advanced significantly in past years, it’s now more about the health and happiness of pets rather than just filling up with stock – they are very much a part of the family. “The toys and accessories are designed for comfort rather than just functionality, such as memory foam dog beds and advanced dog coats, and the way the store is laid-out makes it a more sociable environment. “A lot of people have passed by and seen the refurbishment of the building, so we look forward to welcoming them inside and showing them how things have improved.” PetPlace has recently raised over £33,000 for Hope House Hospice through fundraising events during its refurbishment, and says it plans to continue with charitable activity. The group also has “major plans” for expansion at the Abergele site, which is set to be announced in the run up to Christmas, alongside the launch of a unique loyalty card that matches offers and discounts to a customer’s purchase history. ALMOST 100 DOGS REMOVED FROM LITTLE RASCALS PET SHOP The dogs were taken into RSPCA care after being removed by police and inspectors last Tuesday As many as 94 dogs have been removed from a Lincolnshire pet shop by police and RSPCA inspectors. The RSPCA said police executed a warrant to search Little Rascals in Brant Broughton, near Lincoln on Tuesday. Police say investigations are still ongoing and no arrests have been made so far. Animal charities, Dogs Trust and The Vets were also on the scene according to the RSPCA. In a statement, the RSPCA, said: “A large number of animals were at the property and our officers worked alongside vets to assess them all.” The reason for the raid is unclear, however the government announced a ban on commercial third party puppy and kitten sales in England, in August. December 2018