Perspectives Volume 40, Number 1 - Page 3

TABLE OF CONTENTS FEATURE SOIL The Great Connector 6 CONTENTS ARTICLES 8 Reflections from the CEO 19 Farmers Benefit from DEBPEA Project 20 Building Viable Markets Cluster by Cluster 21 Nurturing Agriculture: From Culture to Business 11 Briquetting Machine Brings Hope of Higher Yields in Myanmar 12 MoU Signing Brings Technology Package to Farmers 13 Fertilizer Retailer Increases Sales with UDP 15 Qualified Seed Training Benefits Tanzanian Farmers 16 2SCALE Builds New Dairy Partnerships in Kenya 17 Oilseed Farmers Profit from Selling in Bulk 23 Professional’s Column – John Wendt: Balanced Nutrition Research at IFDC 24 Seed Core Technology Combats Zinc Deficiency 25 VFRC Activities Address Soil Health 26 Parting Shot 27 IFDC and VFRC Board Updates BRIEFS 10 14 18 22 IFDC Magazine EAD ESAFD NWAFD DIGITAL FOCUS 3