Perspectives Volume 40, Number 1 | Page 12

Brings Technology Package to Farmers On Nov. 6, 2014, IFDC and Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to promote the packaging of two yield-enhancing technologies: FDP and improved seeds. IFDC and ACI are collaborating to improve farmers’ access to this technology package across parts of the AAPI project area. The MoU was signed by Ishrat Jahan, AAPI chief of party, and Dr. F.H. Ansari, executive director of Agribusiness, ACI Ltd. The MoU promotes the packaging of yield-enhancing technologies in AAPI Feed the Future (FTF) zones. Since its inception, the USAID-funded project has been promoting the use of FDP, a fertilizer technology that, when made with only urea (thus known as UDP), increases rice yields while reducing nitrogen pollution. AAPI and ACI Ltd. will work together during the 2014-2015 Boro season to establish demonstration plots to show farmers the benefits of using quality seed along with UDP. Pending success of the joint activities, the partnership could expand to implementation beyond the 2014-2015 Boro season. Urea deep placement is currently used by an estimated 2 million Bangladeshi rice farmers. The technology offers a host of benefits including decreased fertilizer use, increased yields and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. As UDP has been expanding to other crops – often at the suggestion of smallholder farmers – with positive results, AAPI hopes to expand this success to seed farming. According to Josh DeWald, director of IFDC’s EurAsia Division, “The idea is to work with seed companies to use FDP for quality seed production on their own seed farms; and, down the line, to get to the point where seed companies are promoting FDP use with their seed retail operations.” IFDC Magazine 12 Photo: Ishrat Jahan, AAPI chief of party, and Dr. F.H. Ansarai executive director of Agribusiness, ACI Ltd., sign the memorandum of understanding.