Perspectives Volume 40, Number 1 | Page 8

Reflections from the CEO Part 1 – Foundations for Success IFDC was founded in 1974 to boost fertilizer production and use in the tropics. The Green Revolution, though massively effective in Pakistan and India, has been slow to impact subSaharan Africa. Our mission and structure aimed to develop fertilizer products suited to match the particular soil and climatic conditions of the tropics. While fertilizer was the fuel for agricultural transformation, including in the developing world, in the 1970s these countries only consumed 26 percent of total usage globally. For yields to increase, these areas needed to use more fertilizer. The challenge was greater than simply handing over tons of fertilizer; the tropical soils and crops needed supplies specifically designed for them. The initial focus was to improve the use efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers and develop affordable phosphate fertilizers, such as mined phosphate rock that could b