Perspectives Q2 2022 Perspectives Q2 2022 | Page 39

Technology streamlines sales and interactions , while unleashing people to focus more time on high-value transactions , and the client .
Self-service line
Tomorrow ’ s GenX and Millennial agents and advisors will look for the traditional guidance of a wholesaler as we move to a selfservice model with financial transactions being redesigned for an on-demand customer-centric experience . BGAs can look forward to improved capabilities . Simplified illustration experiences , or workflows , for a more conversational UI experience ; making FPs more comfortable running illustrations . Digital sales playbooks and guided story-telling experiences to optimize client discussions with an elegant point-of-sale experience . Hybrid consumer & advisor eApp experiences for a more customer-centric approach to eApp submission .
Looking ahead
The emergence of sales enablement technology has the power to be transformative for the BGA model over the next decade . Questions to ask to ensure the solution is fit for the purpose . Does it align with your current CRM and other platforms ? Can it seamlessly bring together sales content and new digital sales experiences in one place ? Is it integrated with critical L & A insurance carrier products ? Are there automated sales event notifications and data insight which can help drive sales follow-up actions ? Can it deliver new digital sales experiences to train new agents ? Does it provide sales analytics to give you a better understanding of producer activity ? www . nailba . org 39