Perspectives June 2016 | Page 3

TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Feature Women Farmers Will Feed the Future 7 Global Briefs 9 In Memoriam Md. Mofizul Islam 11 Asia Division (EAD) Learning Changes Lives 13 East and Southern Africa Division (ESAFD) We Like Likie 15 North and West Africa Division (NWAFD) USAID C4CP Empowers Women Farmers 17 Digital Feature 18 Board of Directors News THE PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE Inclusive development plays a vital role in our work around the world. If we are to feed 10 billion people by 2050, our efforts cannot be myopic. Meaningful development happens when we focus on enabling entire communities to thrive. As such, we must enable women to farm profitably. Just as everyone deserves access to quality, nutritious food, all who wish to make a living at farming deserve access to the tools, training, and other resources to do so. In this issue of Perspectives, you will read the stories of women farmers whose lives have been changed by gaining access to the resources they need to succeed. As you will see, the benefits do not stop with these entrepreneurs. Increased incomes better the livelihoods of their families, communities, and nations. Their children are eating nutritious meals and getting better education. Their communities are prospering together. Their nations are experiencing increased food security. WOMEN FARMERS IFDC is committed to empowering women because they hold the future of food security in their able hands. It is our responsibility to ensure that their efforts make a sustainable difference, not only for themselves and their families, but for the entire world. WILL FEED THE FUTURE J. Scott Angle IFDC President and CEO