PERREAULT Magazine MARCH | APRIL 2016 | Page 76

"Renaissance Human"

A conversation with Bruce Cryer

Mastering your skills as a leader and your passions and talents as a human being are challenges for everyone entering the management and leadership ranks. Bruce’s wide variety of career, business and executive management roles, give him unique skills and experience to ignite those capacities in yourself.

His recognition as one of the Top 50 Leaders in Personal Excellence shows his depth and commitment to the growth of the individual. Bruce’s recovery from serious illness, and now enjoying his highest level of fitness in about 30 years, forms a strong foundation for this personalized program. Specific self-management, self-awareness and strategic tools are taught in this highly personalized process, along with plans to achieve personal and professional goals.

True leaders have the ability to create a future that is distinctly different from their past.

by Svetlana Kim

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