PERREAULT Magazine MARCH | APRIL 2016 | Page 73

Here Comes the Future: 10 Game-Changers That Will Transform the World in 2016

Other companies, including SpaceX, United Launch Alliance and Virgin Galactic, are likely to follow suit in the coming year. The implications are profound. In addition to bringing affordable space tourism closer to reality, reusable rockets will dramatically lower the cost of launching satellites. This growing network of satellites will bring high speed internet access to hundreds of millions of people around the globe and help everyone from climate scientists, data analysts and farmers do their jobs better.

#7 Deep Learning:

The future is about to get deep, really deep thanks to the extraordinary advances now being made in the field of deep learning. In the simplest terms, deep learning is about making software better. In 2015 alone it has improved computer vision, speech recognition and even cooking. In 2016, thanks in part to significant investments in the field by Google, Facebook and IBM, deep learning will begin contributing profound insights into our understanding of the human genome and thus, human health.

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