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Gelsemium Sempervirens:

Can be used to treat anxious state with sensation of weakness of the limbs and blocked mental performance. The patient may suffer from forgetting the answers to the exams, although they know the answers, or being unable to decide and take the next steps due to an emotional shock. The patient might experience the sensation of needing to urinate. It can also be used to help with anticipation anxiety like stage fright and going to a dentist. Patient may experience headaches or migraines and sometimes visual changes. They may also suffer from weakness of muscles with trembling of hands or shakiness of the knees.


Feeling of a ball in the throat is present after an emotional shock or hearing bad news or grief. Patient may have nausea and get tearful. Distraction usually helps the patient forget the symptoms.

Coffea Cruda or Coffea Tosta:

For the patient who feels hyperactive. This may actually be from a good news or event. The patient may have a hard time falling sleep because they can’t shut off their thoughts or need to toss and turn.

Nux Vomica:

Patient may wake up in the middle of the night worried and thinking about what they need to do the next day. May have a feeling of nausea. During the day they can be authoritarian and scream as they lose control.


A very sensitive individual with worries about their health. The need to make sure every issue has been addressed fully medically. A cough might be a lung cancer and a mole can be a skin cancer. Patient may need company and may have fear of being alone. The gloominess of the time of the day when day turns into night creates an anxiety in this patient. The patient may be empathic and social. There is craving for sweets and chocolate. They feel better in company. May also be used in kids fearful of darkness, being alone, thunderstorms and loud noises.


A shy patient who has fear of being left alone, needing attention to the point of being clingy at times. Like a young child who wants to stay in the parents room to sleep. The first day of school and separation form parents can be disastrous for a child like this. Confined spaces and heat of the room can make anxiety worse. Physical activity and fresh air might relieve the symptoms.

Dr. Payam Hakimi is a family physician, Osteopath and a clinical Homeopath and can be contacted at

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