Perkiomen Valley School District Annual Report 2016-17 Annual Report 2016-17 | Page 15

PV’s Instructional Spending the Lowest in Montgomery County When you hear people talk about “return on investment” or ROI, the term is often associated more with business world than public education. But in recent years, school districts have adopted this term and begun exploring ways to measure ROI. One way to determine if a district is providing return on investment is by looking at what it spends per student and then comparing that to academic performance. As you can see from the top chart at right, Perkiomen Valley School District is among the county’s most efficient school districts. In 2016 (the most recent year for which financial statis- tics were available), Perkiomen Valley School District spent the least in the county on instructional spending, yet was among the highest scoring districts. 2016 Instructional Dollars Spent Per Student, Via Eidex Looking at Total Expenditures Per Student Over Time 2016 All Dollars Spent Per Student, Via Eidex The bottom chart on the right shows how we compare with others in the county on all expenditures per student over the last 12 years. Perki- omen Valley remains well below the county average for this metric as well. As noted on page 3, Perkiomen Valley School District’s School Performance Profile scores are among the highest in the county. At the elementary level, Evergreen is second in the county, Perkiomen Valley Middle School West is fourth in the county, and Perkiomen Valley High School is eighth in the county. Perkiomen Valley School District residents are getting a significant return on the investment they make when they pay their school taxes. PVSD Annual Report 2016-17 * 15