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Indicators of Academic Achievement

Academic Growth Continues to be Area of Focus

Each year , all public school districts across the Commonwealth receive value-added reporting through the Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System ( PVAAS ). PVAAS is a statistical analysis of PSSA and Keystone Exam assessment data computed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education ( PDE ). The PSSAs and Keystone Exams represent the standardized state assessments administered to our students in grades 3-10 . The analysis of these assessment data results in PVAAS scores , which assist us in learning about the academic progress or growth that our students are making toward proficiency standards . PVAAS data , in addition to the PSSA and Keystone data , help to ensure we are meeting the academic needs of students in reading , mathematics , science and writing .
The calculation of PVAAS scores is complex . We can think about these academic progress or growth data in terms of a child ’ s physical growth and the growth charts utilized by a physician . Growth charts are an important tool for monitoring a child ’ s development , but they are just one
Average Growth Index
% Proficient % Advanced % Total Math ( Grades 3-8 ) -1.90 32.2 29.6 61.8 Reading ( Grades 3-8 ) -6.64 49.5 33.1 82.7 Keystone Algebra I -0.99 33.6 21.1 54.7 Keystone Literature 5.06 29.7 38.4 68.1 Keystone Biology 4.92 65.3 15.5 80.8
Significant evidence that the district exceeded the standard for PA Academic Growth
Moderate evidence that the district exceeded the standard for PA Academic Growth
of the indicators used by the physician to ensure a child is growing at the minimum expected level and is on the trajectory to grow as expected . A physician would not use a growth chart in isolation to diagnose a child , but the growth chart can provide valuable information that may generate questions or lead to further exploration .
Evidence that the district met the standard for PA Academic Growth
Moderate evidence that the district did not meet the standard for PA Academic Growth
Significant evidence that the district did not meet the standard
Similarly , the PVAAS data provide valuable information about the growth of grade level groups of Perkiomen Valley students and can assist in projecting a student ’ s path to performance on a future PSSA or Keystone Exam .
We review PVAAS data , in conjunction with our students ’ achievement data , to make certain all students are on the trajectory to proficiency and growing academically . The chart above will guide us in focusing our energy on improving students ’ reading and math growth . By utilizing all of the data we have available ( both progress and achievement ), we can make stronger data-informed instructional decisions to ensure the academic growth and achievement of all our students .

Student Involvement in Activities Remains High at PV

In addition to collecting our own data on student academic success , we look to outside educational resources to guide us in developing a school experience that is rich in both academic and extra-curricular opportunities .
Research and surveys conducted by many different organizations have shown that there is a positive connection between students ’ involvement in extra-curricular activities and how they perform or relate to school . As such , Perkiomen Valley School District is proud to offer a number of diverse extra-curricular activities to ensure students receive a well-rounded educational experience . With over 87 athletic teams and over 70 clubs at the middle and high school levels , opportunities abound for students to get involved .
Students at the high school level take advantage of these opportunities . In the 2016 Senior Exit Survey , 80.9 percent of those who responded to the survey indicated they were involved in some type of activity during their time in high school . Our high school students were also likely to have served their community . The Class of 2016 put in more than 23,000 hours of community service .
Perkiomen Valley High School has really helped me develop into a mature adult . The excellent faculty has helped me to shape my future educational plans and career path , all while creating an enjoyable learning experience . I always had outlets for my extracurricular interests including tennis , soccer , math , and service . Ultimately , I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Perkiomen Valley High School and I am thankful that attending PVHS has allowed me to become the person I am today !
- PVHS Student , Class of 2016
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