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Over the last several years , shrinking resources and rising costs have complicated the budget planning process . Balancing taxpayer needs with student needs is an ongoing challenge , especially for Perkiomen Valley , where local taxpayers shoulder the burden of taxes and where state funding has not kept pace with student growth or mandates ( requirements districts must follow from the state / federal government ).

2015-16 Budget

Data Show PV Makes Efficient Use of Dollars

Academic Proficiency ( PSSA ) vs . Instructional Spending in Montgomery County
Despite these challenges , Perkiomen Valley School District continues to manage finances prudently and makes efficient use of taxpayer dollars . The charts on the right-hand side of this page show what districts in Montgomery County spend per student and what percentage of those students scored at proficient levels on the PSSA and SAT in the 2015-16 school year . As you can see , Perkiomen Valley School District was among those spending the least per student , yet our students continue to achieve above average academically . The size of the bubbles represents the percentage of the student population that receives free and reduced lunch in each district .
The graphs at right were provided by Eidex , a company founded to help districts analyze data . Eidex is a partner with the Pennsylvania School Boards Association ( PSBA ), and the district is a PSBA member .
State Average
Academic Proficiency ( SAT ) vs . Instructional Spending in Montgomery County
State Average
I was challenged academically and socially which only pushed me to be a better student and person . I am thankful for the opportunities that the high school provided for me , and I believe that I am well prepared for the future because of it .
- PVHS Student , Class of 2016
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