Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2017 - Page 5

MA RCH / A PRIL 2017 | V84, N2 Con ten t s The Official Publication of the Pennsylvania Dental Association The mission of the Pennsylvania Dental Journal is to serve PDA members by providing information about topics and issues that affect dentists practicing in Pennsylvania. The Journal also will report membership-related activities of the leadership of the association, proceedings at the annual meeting and status of PDA programs. 14 Editor | Dr. Stephen T. Radack III 413 East 38 th Street, Erie, 16504 (814) 825-6221 / Associate Editor | Dr. Gulia Omene 22 Paoli Pike, Paoli, 19301-1830 (207) 653-5595 / Director of Communications | Rob Pugliese P.O. Box 3341, Harrisburg, 17105 (800) 223-0016 / FAX (717) 232-7169 / 18 Editor Emeritus | Dr. Bruce R. Terry 85 Old Eagle School Road, Wayne, 19087-2524 (610) 995-0109 / Editor Emeritus | Dr. Richard Galeone 3501 North Front Street, Harrisburg, 17110 (215) 855-4092 / Editor Emerita | Dr. Judith McFadden 3386 Memphis Street, Philadelphia, 19134 (215) 739-3100 / 20 D e pa r tme nts Fe at u re s I mpressions 5 G over n ment Relat ions 7 New M embers 11 I n Memo r iam 30 Awa rds & Achievem ent s 31 Con tin uing E du cat ion 33 Cl a ssified Advert isement s 37 12 Why I am a Member (and Why You Should be Too) By Dr. Steven Iszkula, Chair, Membership Committee 14 18 What Does PDA Do For You? By Dr. Gulia Omene, Associate Editor 20 The Power of Mentoring: Passion For Our Profession Connects All of Us New Look PDA Website a Vital Communications Tool PENNSYLVANIA DENTAL JOURNAL (ISSN 0031-4439), owned and published by the Pennsylvania Dental Association, 3501 North Front Street, Harrisburg, 17110, is published bi-monthly: Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/June, July/Aug, Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec. Address advertising and subscription queries to 3501 North Front Street, P.O. Box 3341, Harrisburg, 17105. Domestic subscriptions are available to persons not eligible for membership at $36/year; International subscriptions available at $75/year. Single copies $10. Periodical postage paid at Harrisburg, PA. “The Pennsylvania Dental Association, although formally accepting and publishing reports of the various standing committees and essays read before the Association (and its components), holds itself not responsible for opinions, theories, and criticisms therein contained, except when adopted or sanctioned by special resolutions.” The Association assumes no responsibility for any program content of lectures in continuing education programs advertised in this magazine. The Association reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason. Copyright ©2017, Pennsylvania Dental Association. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Pennsylvania Dental Association, P.O. Box 3341, Harrisburg, PA 17105. MEMBER: American Association of Dental Editors MARCH / AP RIL 2017 | P EN N SYLVAN IA DEN TAL JOURNAL 3