Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2017 - Page 16

What Does PDA Do for You? 1 The Pennsylvania Dental Association provides Legislative Advocacy value for our members with a wide range of PDA is at the forefront of legislative initiatives to improve the dental practice environment in Pennsylvania for both dentists and patients. We advocate on our members’ behalf for these important insurance reforms, and scope of practice and access to care initiatives: services – a lengthy list much too extensive to illustrate on a few pages of this issue of the Journal. We have summarized a handful of the services that benefit members in your day-to-day lives, giving you a glance at how PDA works to enhance your practice environment and also promote the dental profession in the public arena. n Assignment of benefits n Health practitioner student loan forgiveness and tangential loan mitigation issues. n Increased funding in the Medical Assistance program for dental providers. PDA took the lead in a health care provider coalition lobbying for HB 2241, legislation limiting the time frame in which insurers may retroactively review and deny claims to 24 months, with some exceptions. The General Assembly passed HB 2241 on its last day of the 2015-2016 session and it was signed into law by Governor Wolf. We are off to a strong start for legislative priorities in the 2017-2018 session, with a new assignment of benefits bill (SB 373) having been recently introduced in mid-February by Sen. John Eichelberger. 14 14 MA M A R R / CH A P R / 2 A 0 17 P R I | L P 2017 E N N S | Y P LVA EN N N I A S YLVA D E N TA N L IA J O D U EN R N A TA L L J O UR N A L