Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2017 - Page 14

Why I am a Member (and Why You Should be Too) Membership is the single biggest issue for the association moving forward into the future. While these may be sobering words to hear; it is the hard truth and we all must face this fact. The Pennsylvania Dental Association and the American Dental Association both know this and have been investing resources to increase the value of membership. I have had the amazing fortune to sit on the PDA Membership Committee for nearly five years and to be the Chair these last two years. I have seen firsthand just By Steven Iszkula, DMD how committed the PDA’s staff and volunteer dentists are to building Chair, Membership Committee value and increasing membership. I wish to share a little about my story. 12 12 MA M A R R / CH A P R / 2 A 0 17 P R I | L P 2017 E N N S | Y P LVA EN N N I A S YLVA D E N TA N L IA J O D U EN R N A TA L L J O UR N A L