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05 Spring 2019 CONSTRUCTION BEGINS ON NEW UPPER SCHOOL CAMPUS More Opportunities For Students Starting Fall 2020 By Dr Joanna Paul, Director of Development Friday 29 March marked a special day in the history of Lyford Cay International School (LCIS) with the ceremonial groundbreaking of the new Upper School campus presided over by The Most Honourable Prime Minister Dr Hubert A Minnis. DESIGN Sweet Olive Co. STORY OF TITLE Pendragon is a traditional Welsh title meaning “chief dragon.” The name is associated with several historical kings, including Uther Pendragon, the father of King Arthur. The title carried great weight in the Middle Ages and still conveys leadership and achievement today. PenDragon is a portmanteau of the words “pen” and “dragon.” The pen symbolises writing, literature and knowledge and the dragon symbolises the spirit of LCIS through its mascot. May the PenDragon long herald the spirit and ideals of Lyford Cay International School and its students. PRINCIPAL Dr Stacey Bobo EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Dr Joanna Paul CONTRIBUTORS Taige Adderley Breia Brown Cathleen LeGrand Rebecca Massey Giles Pinto Eric Wiberg PRINTING We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and use a printing company with sustainable practices. PenDragon is printed on chlorine-free paper. While trees are a renewable resource, the dioxin used to bleach paper lasts forever. The vegetable-based ink used is gentle on the environment and produces bright, high-quality images. We use a water-based aqueous coating to protect our magazine’s content without any harmful volatile organic compounds. PenDragon is delivered in biodegradable packaging instead of petroleum-based foam or plastic. Copyright 2019 Pendragon is published annually for Lyford Cay International School families and friends. The contents of this magazine are accurate to the best of our knowledge. If you find any errors, please do not hesitate to notify Dr Joanna Paul at [email protected]. Updated contact information should be sent to the Development and Communications Office at [email protected]. PHOTOGRAPHY Photos by Scharad Lightbourne and LCIS Development staff Alumni news photos are shared by alumni 4 thinking developed by the IB. There will be a performing arts space for music, theater and dance; flexible study areas with small and large meeting spaces; a conference room; dining gazebo; a central courtyard and adjacent outdoor spaces for gathering and play as well as the administrative spaces needed to support the second campus. Distinguished by its seven international accreditations, LCIS has a reputation for strong academics and programmes both locally and abroad. As one of only 100 schools worldwide to offer all four programmes of the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, LCIS has emerged as a leader in international education offering an innovative approach to learning with a global perspective. To further round out the campus experience, several other components can be built once the funds are raised. Sporting fields, a track, four tennis and multipurpose courts, a fitness centre and pool will be used by students across The construction of the Gateway Building is the latest and largest endeavour in the school’s multi-year strategic and master plan to enhance academic, sporting and co-curricular opportunities and develop the facilities that will support them. The new student experiences will begin in the heart of the campus, a central three- wing, two-story building with eight general classrooms, a large art studio with speciality zones for pottery, drawing and photography; a chemistry and biology lab, a physics lab and a makerspace with state-of-the-art equipment for students to apply the critical and creative both campuses once built. Athletics and the arts will be further enhanced by a large indoor multipurpose space which will fit the entire school from Preschool to Grade 12, as well as 5