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DRAGON LCIS Magazine Volume 04 Spring 2018 STORY OF TITLE PenDragon is a traditional Welsh title meaning “chief dragon.” The name is associated with several historical kings, including Uther Pendragon, the father of King Arthur. The title carried great weight in the Middle Ages and still conveys leadership and achievement today. PenDragon is a portmanteau of the words “pen” and “dragon.” The pen symbolises writing, literature and knowledge and the dragon symbolises the spirit of LCIS through its mascot. May the PenDragon long herald the spirit and ideals of Lyford Cay International School and its students. OUTWARD BOUND: Influences of an Education Visionary on the International Baccalaureate and LCIS PRINCIPAL Dr Stacey Bobo EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Dr Joanna Paul CONTRIBUTORS Taige Adderley Dion Cunningham Megan Kelly Cathy LeGrand Rebecca Massey Alexis Roberts Savannah Roberts Mandisa Wallé Eric Wiberg By Dr Joanna Paul Director of Development While Dr Paul is the current Director of Development at LCIS, she lived an outward bound life prior to coming to LCIS. With a doctorate in international education from the University of London, she resided and worked as an educator in three countries, on two islands and on one sailboat. Her research focuses on the lessons that mainstream education can learn from outdoor education. She traces all her accomplishments today to the lessons she learned on a Grade 9 rock-climbing trip. PHOTOGRAPHY Cover photograph by Niklas Kiesselbach (Grade 7) Additional photos by Scharad Lightbourne, Erik Kruthoff, Kerstin Kiesselbach, Darius Francis, Alexis Roberts, Ian Brooke and LCIS Development staff Alumni news photos are shared by alumni DESIGN Sweet Olive Co PRINTING We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and use a printing company with sustainable practices. PenDragon is printed on chlorine-free paper. While trees are a renewable resource, the dioxin used to bleach paper lasts forever. The vegetable-based ink used is gentle on the environment and produces bright, high-quality images. We use a water-based aqueous coating to protect our magazine’s content without any harmful volatile organic compounds. PenDragon is delivered in biodegradable packaging instead of petroleum-based foam or plastic. Not as well known is that Hahn landed in the world of outdoor education after establishing the foundation of his educational philosophy inside the four walls of more traditional learning environments. In 1920, Hahn founded his first education programme with the Salem School in Germany, which focused on students’ growth through balance: balance of academic and extracurricular experiences and balance of the respect for individual with the responsibilities to community. With the rise of Naziism, Hahn fled to the United Kingdom and established the well-known boarding school, Gordonstoun in 1934. Building on his experiences in Germany, Hahn’s model evolved to include the four pillars of challenge, responsibility, service and internationalism, and his influence continued to spread. He expanded his reach by founding The Origins of Outward Bound Outward bound is a nautical term that describes the passage of boats from the safe harbours of home towards unknown challenges and discoveries. It can be used to describe navigation or romantic notions of travel, and also has a lesser-known application as an educational mission. While the term is often recognised as the brand name of an outdoor expedition programme, its connections to education go deeper than just adventures on a boat. Outward bound is a paradigm for learning where personal and academic growth emerge when you face new experiences outside of your comfort zone. Copyright 2018 PenDragon is published annually for Lyford Cay International School families and friends. The contents of this magazine are accurate to the best of our knowledge. If you find any errors, please do not hesitate to notify Dr Joanna Paul at Updated contact information should be sent to the Development and Communications Office at often best known in the world at large for having founded the Outward Bound organisation, which uses physical challenges in the outdoors to develop a full spectrum of personal skills from self-reliance to a sense of human interdependence. The first Outward Bound school was started in 1941 in an open lifeboat. Students learned confidence, interdependence and tenacity while facing the challenges of the sea, often at service to others in their role as rescuers. Kurt Hahn’s Visionary Programmes Kurt Hahn, a progressive German educator, is 4 5