PenDragon - the official magazine of Lyford Cay International School PenDragon Vol 4, Spring 2018 - Page 12

global stage academically, personally and professionally. The Roots of New Growth As the larger economy blossomed, a new demographic of young families looking to settle on New Providence sought the best education available to their children. In the late ‘90s, Western New Providence had its own growth spurt when the adult children of residents began to move home. The Lyford Cay School, Club and community grew side by side. The school worked hard to keep ahead of the shift to younger families in and outside the club, and branded itself as an engine for community development, and a place where locals could experience a world-class education without having to leave home. The intimate size of the school was itself a draw for families all over the island. To achieve its potential, the school board, staff and administrators worked to further expand the size and diversity of the student body and the scope of its offerings. They set a goal to double the student body and become a community of more than half Bahamians. The school grew its reach, adding Grade 9 in 1998. And the world was put within the hands of the students as they welcomed visits from a Maasai warrior from Kenya, anthropologist Jane Goodall, a U.S. president and Apollo astronaut Tom Stafford. In 1998, Lyford Cay School received additional accreditation from the European Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Parents appreciated European and American validation of the systems and curriculum. The school benefited from the standards and accountability that accreditation provided. Shortly thereafter, Lyford Cay School began its multi-year journey to officially become Lyford Cay International School. The board pursued International Baccalaureate accreditation, earning authorisation to use the Middle Years Programme curriculum in 2003, followed by the Diploma Programme in 2004. This effort was supported by families, local organisations, outside board members and donors, all of whom saw the benefits of being able to meet the expectations of a growing international community. Hardworking volunteers, leaders and staff at the school had, over the years, reinvented Lyford Cay to a stand- alone, self-financing entity that used its international features to develop its programme and community. Today, there are more computers than goats, and the swimming pool has replaced the persistent puddles. While EP Taylor left us in 1989, the school has continued to be guided by the vision of the community developer, who 55 years ago, looked across a swamp and saw the future. Parents, fundraisers, educators, volunteers, religious ministers, corporate citizens, friends of Taylor, all invested in this vision to make sure the children were happy, the books were balanced, the plans strategic and the roof tiles intact. This community of support carried the school through its sometimes awkward adolescence so it could realise its founder’s vision, creating an entirely new world in which to set the LCIS student and faculty experience: this one of their own making. Congr Footba atulations to Champ ll team for w the Senior Boys ions innin is gett hip! Our ath g the Natio ing be letics p n tt e rogra al r an ev interna ery year in b d better res mme u o tional compe th local and lts tition. #GoDr agons The Diploma Programme’ Exhibition w s Visual Art as years of stud the culmination of two y of differen t ar t medium and methods s . St work at The udents showed their Island House Hotel. our On International Day we celebrated school’s diversity by recognising each of the 46 different countries represented on our campus. 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