Pen & Camera October 2019 - Page 8

People like them don’t give a damn about us.

If we were all gone, they’d all suffer without us.

Don’t want us around, but want us to do all the work.

Using us to get what they need and tell us that nothing is what we’re worth.

They don’t care about us and all they do is hate.

It’s just a shame they weren’t taught a different way.

Want to make it seem like they’re superior to us.

They just want to kill, shame, shun and abuse us.

Since we’re all a different color they just want to use us.

If you’re a shade darker then you can’t come over.

Bet they’ll tear that wall down once they start to suffer.

If it ain’t white, then it just ain’t right.

If you’re gay or practice a different religion you, too, deserve to die.

People like them don’t give a damn about us.

They don’t want us around, but they’d suffer without us.

"Land of the free and the home of the brave."

It's the land of the terrorists and the home of the graves.