Pen & Camera October 2019 - Page 6

Small portion of huge talent.


She promised you a place you would mistake for heaven, but you refused to go.

She reached her hand out to you to guide you along, but you refused to take hold.

Out of all the people who longed to have her, she chose you to be her lover.

To those looking from the outside in, it was obvious you refused to love her.

She’s more beautiful than the flowers in all the fields and

She needed you to protect her; be her shield.

She was everything you wanted your future woman to be but

She was the gift you refused to keep.

The skies are starless because her eyes stole all their shine.

You’ve taken it upon yourself to destroy the love she had inside.

She tried to pull you close and hold you tight; she was still willing to fight.

You chose to push her off the ledge when she almost forgotten how to fly.

There was nothing else left to hold onto so she had to

Learn to fly on her own.

She was a butterfly that wasn’t wanted around so she

Found a better flower that had grown.

He wanted her promise to come true so he stayed with her.

He brought back to life what died inside so they could stick together.

Now you see you shouldn’t have refused to love her.

She gets to fly away in the starlit skies with someone who chose to be her lover.