Pen & Camera October 2019 - Page 3

Out with the old, in with the new.

Though things haven't gone quite as planned, I have no regret and am proud of the progress I've been able to make. both on my own and with my partner both in life and career.

When I founded Pen & Camera, it didn't start out with that name or a better fitting logo. I knew I loved photography and wanted to make a career out of it. Unfortunately, that was all I had when I began my journey to do so in 2015. I had little knowledge of how to go about it, which platform to go with, how to promote, etc. There were countless moments of trial and error before going on a hiatus.

I had finished college the year prior, so I had a great amount of knowledge of how to use certain programs and equipment, but after failing so many times creating a website and having no support whatsoever from a few people who used to matter to me the most, I had given up. I didn't plan on quitting photography for the rest of my life, but at least long enough until I was able to officially launch my career so the obstacles I faced wouldn't be for nothing. Despite still having to figure other things out, I would still go back to my old website from time to time just as a reminder of where I started and keeping in mind where I can and want to go. I soon met my partner. Not only are we partners in love, but partners in our careers.

My soon to be husband has started a business to help those like me continue to grow theirs. I've agreed to be part owner while still being a freelance Photographer. That means not only will I be able to work with him, but work with clients of my own as well. That way, we'll both be able benefit from our work unlike working for someone else. I was even inspired to create my new website. This time, it would be under the new name instead of the old (Step Back & See). The major difference between then and now was that I had real support from someone I will soon be able to call family (aside from best friends). Me being inspired also inspired him to create a website for the first time.

Not only has he helped me, but we've managed to help each other. Our support for each other helped our business grow to where they are now. There's so much more we have left to accomplish, but we're so much closer now together than we were apart.

More information about OpeneyezProduction and Pen & Camera can be seen on the pages to follow.