Pen & Camera January 2020 - Page 5

Jan 2020


I've promoted my business in Cleveland, but not too many people were taking the bait. Here, in Cincinnati, I've been getting a lot more opportunities to do paid gigs and photoshoots. I was told there are a lot more supporters here, especially when it came to local artists. I was still blown away by the mount of people who were supportive and also wanted to do business with me.


I know I won't be here forever since it's just another stepping stone towards where I'm headed in life. That's one thing thing that'll make me sad. But I'll be happy knowing I was able to make an impact on others lives and not just my own. If I eat, we all eat as long as we all put in the work.

first flyer

My very first flyer for my business. Out of the various other methods I've come up with to use to promote my business, I had never made a flyer before. I'm pretty impressed by how well it turned out. Once I become better at editing them, they'll blow this one out of the park. You may see these flyers posted around town if you're ever in Cincinnati. I also have them circling around social media.