Pen & Camera January 2020 - Page 4


I began Pen and Camera (formerly Step Back and See) in 2015. Then I only had a laptop and a cellphone. It took another two years, but I was finally able to get a digital camera. Wasn't a professional one, but it was an upgrade. I always wanted to be able to invest in my career as far as making sure I'm able to obtain the tools I need to do something I love. I didn't want to wish to do something but not put in the effort to get to that point. Since then I've been able to gain a tripod, backdrop and two digital cameras.

I almost gave up on it all to just work until I couldn't anymore. I almost decided to give up on life itself and cut it short. Multiple times. If it weren't for rediscovering my love to create (photos and writing) and reminding myself that there are others who support me as much as I should be my number one cheerleader, I wouldn't be where I am now. I'm completely thankful I found the will to continue on despite the setbacks and moments where I didn't feel it could happen.

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