Pen & Camera January 2020 - Page 2

delayed but didn't stay

Move date pushed back

Unfortunately, our move date was pushed back by a few days. Better news, we were still able to make it out there with little to no issues. We would've gotten there right before new years like we planned, but the house we picked fell through because of the person who posted the "for rent" ad online. If that hadn't been a scam we had almost fell for, things would've been smooth sailing. But, like all things, it happened for a reason.

worth the wait

Though I wish we could've gotten here sooner, the trip was well worth the wait. I still have some work to do in order to get completely settled, but I'm extremely appreciative of all the love and support I've gotten in my short amount of time here. Not only that, but my career has began to take off more than it ever could in Cleveland. I'll always love my home, but I'm glad I got out and didn't give up.