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Bespoke Diamond Tooling setting the standard


Bespoke Diamond Tooling setting the standard
DK Holdings Limited has been a trusted partner to its global customer base for over 60 years , manufacturing off-the-shelf and bespoke Diamond Tooling solutions across the Aero , Composites , Automotive and Engineering industries from its ISOaccredited facilities in the United Kingdom .
Sales & Marketing Manager John Emptage tells us how the company continues to set the standard for bespoke Diamond Tooling solutions globally .
Our partners are as dynamic as the industries they are in . Take the Wind Turbine industry as an example , manufacturers across this sector , are continuously testing new material compositions and production processes such as incorporating natural fibres .
Our Diamond Tool range provides solutions to the most challenging applications whether you are in need of a larger than standard diameter Electroplated saw or are looking for a bespoke resin-bond grinding wheel , our dedicated sales team is here to support you .
DK Holdings continuously innovates and sets standards for Diamond Tooling solutions through the relationships we have developed with industry professionals and customers alike . Our R & D department continuously works from inception to the supply with our partners globally . Usually starting with a chat to learn more about what the requirements are and an on-site visit if needed , alongside testing of sample materials to identify the best possible Diamond Tooling solution in the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way . This process leads to the perfect diamond tool being manufactured for the customer .
One recent example came from one of our partners in the Wind Turbine industry who was looking for a tooling solution to remove large volumes of composite material from wind turbine blades during the repair process . We worked with their team and developed a bespoke diamond electroplated grinding disc that reduced
DK Holdings sets standards through the relationships we have developed with industry professionals and customers alike . production costs by at least 50 % and minimised the environmental impact due to less wastage which was a great result for everyone .
Get in touch with us and find out how we can design , manufacture and supply a Diamond Tooling solution to elevate your production processes , the team is here to help .
Email : info @ dk-holdings . co . uk | Web : www . dk-holdings . co . uk
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