Peat News 7/2013

PEAT NEWS Newsletter for members and friends of the International Peat Society No 7/2013, 21 August 2013 The IPS is an organisation of corporate and individual members dedicated to the responsible management and Wise Use of peatlands and peat. It promotes the gathering, exchange and communication of knowledge and experience. The Society serves all those interested in peat and peatlands including the scientific, industrial and commercial, and regulatory communities. It respects the economic, social and environmental values of the peatland resource. Currently the IPS has more than 1,400 individual and institutional members from 42 countries. Next Peatlands International Electronically Peatlands International will be published for the first time as an electronic magazine now in October and December 2013. This is a trial to speed up the editing and publishing process, to inform you earlier on developments and to better allocate the increasing printing and distribution costs. As forwarding and sharing will be easier, we expect to increase the readership of the magazine significantly. We invite all IPS members to submit until 1 September: • High quality articles and news of 1-2 pages (max 1000 words) in Arial pt 10, in English (proof read if possible) • Shorter news on all kinds of current peat and peatland matters: news, reports and updates on your work • Photos and illustrations as separate files with captions and the name of the photographer • Events for 2013-2016 together with a link to their websites A basic article specimen, further information and most previous issues of Peatlands International (printed edition) are posted at In addition selected authors will be invited to contribute keynote papers to this first issue. Advertisements for the new magazine are also very welcome from our member companies and their partners. There are many different sizes available, e.g. € 830 for A4 down to € 50-115 for logos. These prices are valid if you post your ad in both issues, giving you a discount of 50% per contact (2,000 recipients). For more information, see our Media Kit 2013 and do not hesitate to contact susann.warnecke (at) as soon as possible. Have you signed up for the IPS Commissions? As you know, membership and cooperation in the nine IPS Commissions and the Standing Committee on Climate Change is open to all IPS members interested in the subject. Therefore we would like to ask you to mark once again those Commissions and their working fields that interest you the most so that we can add you to their mailing lists. Like this you will get all the information about their current activities and stay in touch with the other members of the Commission. To sign up, please visit and follow the link to our special sign up form. Note that you need to be a member of the IPS to participate. (Sandra Lubinaite, IPS) Survey to Utilise and Develop SRPM The IPS project to further utilise and develop the IPS Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management (SRPM) has made progress during the summer. As a first step, IPS Intern Ms Henna Honkala has contacted each of the National Committees in the form of a preliminary questionnaire. This survey was carried out to gather some initial thoughts on SRPM utilisation and development needs on a global and local level. Many thanks to all National Committee officers who made the effort to participate in this first round! On the basis of the results, now an elaborated questionnaire is about to be launched for ALL IPS members and stakeholders. This will be available soon on the IPS website, and you will also receive a special e-mail invitation to the second round of the survey. Please be prepared to participate. The project is scheduled to be finalised by the end of 2013. To learn more about the Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management (SRPM, 2010), see or order your free copy of the document (2010) at (Henna Honkala, IPS) International Peat Society Kauppakatu 19 D 31, FIN-40100 Jyväskylä ips (at) susann.warnecke (at) jaakko.silpola (at) mobile: +358 40 418 4075 mobile: +358 50 406 4836