Peat News 4/2014 - Page 2

PEAT NEWS 4/2014 Page 2 • IPS Commission III - “Drained organic soils – responsible management” (Barbara Kalisz) • IPS Commission VI - “New results of research in balneology and international collaboration in healthcare” (Riitta Korhonen/Leena Larva) • IPS Commission VIII - “Value and use of peatlands for education” (Michiel Gerding) The excursions of the conference will lead us to Kemeri National Park, SIA Laflora, Cena Mire, Old Riga, Peatland Olaine, Rundale Palace and Jurmala. In addition, you are most welcome to enjoy the social programme, including an Ice Breaking Party, the Exhibition "Sounds of the Earth", several dinners and business meetings. Please remember to sign up as a participant and (with the same form) book your room preferable before 1 August. For more information visit and for abstract instructions:!for-thesisapplicants/c1kf6. For up to date info and discussions join also Finnish Forestry Peatland Excursion to Parkano The Finnish Peatland Society (Suoseura ry) and the Forest Biology Group of the Finnish Society of Forest Science (SMS) organize a joint spring field trip to Parkano on 2 June 2014. Poorly productive forests on drained peatlands are the main topic of the excursion. The trip starts at Parkano railway station at 9:45 hrs and includes Tunkiosalonneva with Sp Y۝[H[