Peat News 10/2013

PEAT NEWS Newsletter for members and friends of the International Peat Society No 10/2013, 5 November 2013 The IPS is an organisation of corporate and individual members dedicated to the responsible management and Wise Use of peatlands and peat. It promotes the gathering, exchange and communication of knowledge and experience. The Society serves all those interested in peat and peatlands including the scientific, industrial and commercial, and regulatory communities. It respects the economic, social and environmental values of the peatland resource. Currently the IPS has more than 1,400 individual and institutional members from 42 countries. Call for Articles Peatlands International 3.2013 Peatlands International is continuing its digital trial phase and we are ready to edit the second issue of the IPS member magazine for this autumn. Please submit your announcements, news and extended reports on research projects, industry matters, political developments or recent conferences by 10 November to the IPS Secretariat, susann.warnecke (at) We welcome your: • manuscripts (max. 1000 words, A4, Arial, no full cap lines, with author contact details, language proofread if possible, for instance • photos and illustrations (separate jpg or pdf files with captions and the names of the photographers) and • advertisements (pdf files, prices according to Media Kit) To have a look at the latest magazine, visit Peatlands International 2.2013 as: • Epaper: • Blog: • PDF: (press download to have all links working) The password for this issue is ipsmember13. Peatlands International consists of about 30-40 pages with background reports and news, reviews of conferences and books; it publishes research findings and business reports on all matters related to peat and peatlands, as well as internal information on the IPS and its sister organisations. Japan Peatland Society joined IPS The Japan Peatland Society (JPS) was officially established at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan on 9 October 2013. On that occasion, many Japanese researchers on peat and peatland research agreed with the objectives of the Society and gathered together at the inaugural meeting. The conservation, management and sustainable use of peatlands require the promotion of research on various aspects of peatland sciences and the accumulation of further knowledge. The objective of the JPS is to develop a strong association between peatland researchers and to systematize this into a unified science including natural sciences, applied sciences, technologies and social sciences. The Society will actively dispatch achievements to the world and try to contribute to the creation of sustainable global ecosystems of peatlands. Towards this end, they have founded the Japan Peatland Society, by the agreement of the researchers gathered, working towards the same purposes as the International Peat Society. (Mitsuru Osaki, JPS) The Executive board of the Japan Peatland Society consists of President Mitsuru Osaki from Hokkaido University, Vice President Shigeo Kobayashi from Kyoto University, Vice President Takashi Hirano from Hokkaido University, Secretary General Hidenori Takahashi from Hokkaido University and Treasurer Mitsuhiko Kamiya from Ueyama Co., Ltc. The Japan Peatland Society was authorised by the IPS Executive Board as National Committee at its meeting in Tallinn, as of 1 January 2014. We wish our Japanese colleagues well in their future activities and look forward to a fruitful cooperation! Their contact details are: Japan Peatland Society (JPS) Research Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University Kita-9, Nishi-9, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060-8589, JAPAN Tel: 011-706-2554 fax: 011-706-2494 E-mail: nana77hihc (at) International Peat Society Kauppakatu 19 D 31, FIN-40100 Jyväskylä ips (at) susann.warnecke (at) sandra.lubinaite (at) mobile: +358 40 418 4075 skype: