Peachy the Magazine September October 2015 | Page 80

BEAUTY REPORT Lesley Holland Downey PHOTOGRAPHY BY Wanda Koch WRITTEN BY The Seven-Minute Face Most women I know are makeup phobic—ruined by a bad mall makeover or an 80s picture of themselves that’s stuck in their minds. Feigning ignorance or lack of time, they take the lip color and mascara approach. Swapping some of your time scanning social media or other mindless activity can buy you the time to master a great makeup look in less than seven minutes. I took our own Editor in Chief, Blair Farris—a self-professed low maintenance girl—to one of our resident experts, Jeffre Scott. Jeffre’s challenge was to give Blair a fast and efficient routine that was wearable for every day. Before we talked makeup, Jeffre gave me three rules to attain that quick but polished face. 1 2 3 78 PEACHYTHEMAGAZINE.COM Start with good skin. Taking care of your skin (cleanse, moisturize, sunscreen, anti-aging routine) will give you the perfect backdrop for any cosmetic and make your job easier. Read more about improving your skincare routine in the September 2013 issue. Use quality products and brushes. Look for products that have benefits like hydrating ingredients, anti-aging qualities and highly pigmented colors. Also, invest in the best brushes you can afford. Keep your brows groomed, ideally by a pro- fessional. Brows frame the face and can subtly lift the eye. Revisit The Art of the Brow in the July August 2014 issue for tips, techniques and recommended products.