PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION BULLE WWW.PALMBEACHBAR.ORG | OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION IN | OCTOBER 2017 Newly robed Judge Luis Delgado is no stranger to the courtroom First You’ve Been Served “YBS” Award Recipient B efore his recent election onto the bench, Judge Delgado practiced in front of the county and civil benches of Palm Beach County, first as a State Attorney and then in the private sector, where he practiced in both the civil and criminal divisions. Throughout his career as an attorney, Judge Delgado has exhibited an ability to zealously advocate for his clients while cultivating professionalism amongst his fellow attorneys and maintaining respect for the judiciary. Judge Luis Delgado was born in Lima, Peru. Around the age of five and in the midst of violent political turmoil, his Father, Luis, Sr. and his mother, Elsa, made a courageous decision to leave the comforts and luxuries of their home in Lima and relocate the family to West Palm Beach, Florida. When discussing the influence his parents have had on his life, Judge Delgado cannot help but become visibly emotional as he discussed the incalculable sacrifices his parents made to assure his and his siblings safety. He harbors deep appreciation and profound gratitude for all of his parents’ hard work in providing for their family in a new city, where, initially, neither parent spoke the language. He is beyond thankful for the strong principles that were instilled in him and he considers his parents as his “moral compass”. He often finds himself pondering, when faced with ethical dilemmas, “what would my parents do?” Story Continued on Page 17 Stan Klett, Jr. with his father Stan Klett, Sr. For many years, Stan (left) along with his dad whohas since passed away; repaired hundreds of old bicycles for underpriviledged children. Read more about Stan’s community service on page 17 Full Story on Page 17 PBCBA President ‘s Message page 4 LRE Benchmark Training page 14 Judicial Profile page 17 YBS First Award Winner page 18