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Judge Sasser Was a Source of Inspiration for our Legal Community Since the news of her passing, the outpouring of respect and admiration for Judge Sasser from our legal community reflects the quality of person she was and the everlasting impact she had on people’s lives. For more quotes, please visit our Facebook page. Here are just a few of the many quotes we've received about Judge Sasser: "Judge Sasser was an innovator, who always looked for ways to improve the administration of justice. From establishing fair e-discovery procedures, to pioneering the e-service of orders, she brought technology to the forefront of judicial administration. And she inspired judges and lawyers through exceptional mentoring, continuing legal education, and Florida’s judicial colleges. Judge Sasser leaves us with a monumental legacy as one of our finest jurists." - Judge Edward Artau “Judge Sasser inspired many women to have confidence and believe in themselves. She wasn’t afraid to go after opportunities for which she was qualified, and if she did not succeed at first, she tried again. She was a true leader.” – Robin Bresky, Florida Bar Board of Governors “Judge Sasser was my friend and colleague for more than 20 years. She never let obstacles stand in the way of what was right. She possessed a rare force of will…genuine grit…the kind that overwhelms adversity. When I would tell her that she set a hard pace to follow, she would just smile and continue her mission of serving and supporting others. Her example and legacy will continue to inspire me.” – Judge Joseph Curley “Through the YLS Sidebar Series and her Young Lawyers Initiative, Judge Sasser always wanted young lawyers to gain more experience and succeed in their practices. She epitomized what it meant to be a mentor, role model, and judge.” – Scott Perry, President, PBCBA YLS “Judge Sasser was a steadfast supporter of the advancement of minorities and women in the legal field. Always known for her grace, professional demeanor, and her uncompromising ethical standards, Judge Sasser will be missed dearly.” – Danielle Sherriff, President, F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association “Judge Sasser was a loyal mentor, devoted to the cause of supporting other women and minorities, not just through PALMBEACHBAR.ORG 16 her words but action. Her spirit will eternally inspire us to lift each other up and aim high.” – Sarah Shullman, South Florida Bureau Chief, Office of the Florida Attorney General “Judge Sasser always encouraged me and other minority attorneys to apply for judgeships and the JNC. She recognized how important it was to have our diverse community represented and included in these important positions” – Grasford Smith, President, Virgil Hawkins Bar Association and current PBCBA Board Member “Judge Sasser was an icon, as one of the most brilliant and professional jurists we have ever known. She was a loyal and dedicated friend and a mentor like no other. May we all live by her example of selflessness and kindness to others, and carry on her mission to improve our community.” – Judge Jessica Ticktin “Judge Sasser was a passionate, tireless and innovative leader in judicial education around the state. Her ideas and programs will continue to advance Florida’s judiciary for many years to come.” – Judge Daliah Weiss