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Want to inspire the next generation of lawyers and judges? Sign up for the Palm Beach County Bar Association’s NEWLY CREATED High School Job Shadow program! Many of us had mentors who helped guide us to the law, but some high school students aren’t so lucky. Embarking on a legal career is a shot in the dark for those who don’t personally know anyone in our field, especially students from underprivileged or diverse backgrounds. That is a tremendous loss of talent for our Bar and a real issue for a profession tasked with ensuring justice for all. The High School Job Shadow program is a small step in addressing this problem. The program pairs law firms, government agencies, and private companies with high school students who are interested in becoming lawyers. The Bar’s Law Related Education Committee is currently looking for firms or organizations who would like to participate in the Job Shadow program in the 2019-2020 school year. Job shadowing sessions may last as little as a few hours or a whole day and may involve one or more students at a time - it is all up to the host organization. In each session, students will visit the firm, office, and/or courthouse and “shadow” lawyers to observe what they do during the workday. The host organization is encouraged to provide opportunities for the students to learn about the legal profession, such as sitting in on hearings or interviews, meeting with various people in the organization, and reviewing portions of case files or contracts. If you are interested in participating in the Job Shadow program, please contact Law Related Education Committee Chair Andrew Kwan at [email protected] Hosts will be asked to provide a brief summary of the activities the organization will provide, and in turn will receive applications from interested students.