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PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION BULLE IN WWW.PALMBEACHBAR.ORG | OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION | NOVEMBER 2017 “Follow the rules and do the right thing” ~ Judge Sherri Collins Judge Collins states that she has been continuously employed since she was a teenager, working, at that time as a babysitter and a mall food-court employee. While enrolled at Miami Killian Senior High School, she held a part-time job, but so expertly budgeted her time that she was able to fully participate in extracurricular activities and still graduate from high school early. Judge Sherri Collins “Follow the rules and do the right thing”: this is the mantra of Judge Sherri Collins, who was appointed to the county bench in December 2016, filling the vacancy created by the elevation of Judge Dalia Weiss to the circuit bench. Judge Collins was born in Philadelphia, the last of three children born to a very bright tax and estate planning lawyer and his microbiologist wife. Her father graduated first in his law school class, and earned the highest score on the Philadelphia bar exam at the time. When Judge Collins was five years old, her family moved to unincorporated Dade County, and her mother took a job at Miami Children’s Hospital. Although she was the baby of the family, Judge Collins learned to be extremely self-sufficient at a young age. Her mother, Francine, states that Judge Collins was “a very mature five-year old.” Francine and her husband encouraged that five year-old to be intellectually curious, and to first seek answers to her questions herself, before coming to them for answers. Judge Collins also worked throughout her undergraduate years at the University of Florida, where she majored in Economics. At UF, Judge Collins was a campus leader and was selected for membership in the prestigious Florida Blue Key student honor and service society. During her senior year, this overachiever broke her femur in a skiing accident, causing her to miss a month of school, and to be on crutches for a year. During that time of reflection, she decided to become a lawyer, took the LSAT, and was accepted into the University of Florida College of Law. (This judge bleeds orange and blue). Judge Collins’ many work experiences taught her the value of hard work, and provided her with an understanding of how many different types of people work and live, which is particularly helpful dealing with pro se litigants in county court. At UF Law, Judge Collins was an outstanding member of the Trial Team, even as she worked part-time. She had a personal homecoming of sorts, when she traveled back to Miami-Dade County to argue in the state Trial Team finals at the Miami- Dade County Courthouse, where her father beamed with pride as he observed her in the competition. Sadly, Judge Collins’ beloved Many weekends, while her mother worked, father, who taught her so much, passed away a young Judge Collins assisted her shortly after her law-school graduation. father, either working in his law office or Her mother is alive and well, though, accompanying him as he made house calls enjoying her daughter’s many successes. to his clients. She observed the professional, yet caring, way in which her father treated Story Continued on Page 12 his clients, and that was imprinted upon her. Judge Collins strives to treat everyone with PBCBA dignity and respect, the way her father did. Many judges and lawyers consistently describe Judge Collins as having an extraordinary work ethic, a trait that Judge Collins’ parents also instilled in her.                                    Coffee Before Your UMC ... Another GREAT member benefit! President ‘s Message page 4 Judicial Profile page 12 Award Nomination page 16 Calendar of Events page 29