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Judicial Relations & Business Lit. Reception The Judicial Relations and Business Litigation CLE Committees held a seminar in April on Litigating Attorneys’ Fees. A reception followed the seminar. (l-r) Judge Edward Artau, Stephen Winig, Sandy Myers, Abraham Zaretsky, Zachary Hudson & Guy Murphy (l-r) Nichole Segal, Mark Osherow, Judge Collins & Nina Schmidt John Carroll & Andrea McMillan Bankruptcy Seminar Reception In March the Bankruptcy CLE committee held a seminar entitled, The Role of ESI in Bankruptcy Litigation. A reception followed the seminar. (l-r) Eric Rosen, Committee Chairperson; Stanley Klett; Tina Talarchyk & Kevin Gleason I was, and I hope you are, incredibly pleased upon learning that both resolutions were approved, nearly unanimously, by over 500 delegates in the House. For those of you who are parents, I hope that these resolutions bring you comfort in knowing that the ABA has the ability to “get your back” and support what you think would better us lawyers and our judicial system, and that includes caring for our families and our children. Even if you are not a parent, I nevertheless hope that you also see how the ABA can help you voice the causes you believe would improve the American legal system. As the Palm Beach County Bar Association’s delegate, nothing would make me happier than taking up your idea for a resolution and bringing it to the House for approval. If you have a resolution you would like to propose, or even if you just have an idea for something that you think might be a worthwhile resolution, please let me know as I would love to work with and for you on it. thank you all for the opportunity to be your delegate to the American Bar Association. All the best, David Miller If anyone has any questions, would like a full copy of the daily journal outlining each of the resolutions proposed and voted upon at the 2019 midyear meeting, and/or would like to speak with me further about what the ABA can do for you and your practice, please do not hesitate to contact me. My phone number is (561)469-1160 (extension 216) and my email is [email protected] mathisonwhittles.com. If there is anything, really anything, I as the delegate can do to serve you, please let me know. Again, LEADING PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE 10% Discount for Bar Members