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CDI L u n c h e o n Battles over Equality and Liberty: The Case of the Rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program The PBCBA’s Committee for Diversity and Inclusion recently held a membership meeting with UCLA Dean Rachel Moran, who spoke on the challenges recipients of DACA face in their professional and personal lives. Our members were also able to have a personal face put to the issue when our very own local attorney, Kelsey Burke spoke on overcoming her challenges when immigrating to America. CDI Committee members along with Dean Rachel Moran. (L-R) Denise Mutamba, Eunice Baros, Dean Moran, PBCBA Director Jean Marie Middleton and Amy Pettway Kelsey Burke and Dean Rachel Moran PBCBA Director Scott Smith, President-Elect Jessica Callow, Executive Director Carla Brown and Director Dean Xenick Past President Adam Rabin, PBCBA President Greg Huber and Past President Grier Pressly (L-R) PBCBA Director Lindsay Demmery, Amanda Romfh Jesteadt, Leora Freire, Nadine White-Boyd and Colleen Farnsworth Jeffrey Jones, Siobhan Shea, Masimba Mutamba PBCBA BAR BULLETIN 10