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The Personal Injury/Wrongful Death CLE Committee of the Palm Beach County Bar Association present How to Avoid Landmines While Wrapping Up Wrongful Death Cases as well as Minor Settlements Monday, May 20, 2018, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM (lunch included) PBC Bar Association, 1507 Belvedere Rd., W. Palm Beach, FL You have settled a wrongful death case and/or a case involving a minor. Unfortunately, your job is far from finished. Wrongful death and minor settlement cases are full of potential landmines which you need to be able to safely navigate through. Come and learn about the most dangerous traps, as well as the rare ones, and how to avoid stepping on one. Probate Perspective : Allocation and Approval of Settlements and How to Address Probate Liens Warren B. Brams, Esq., Law Offices of Warren Brams Plaintiff Perspective: How to walk through the landmine field without a kaboom John F. Romano, Esq., Board Certified in Civil Trial Law; Romano Law Group Defense Perspective: A defense attorney’s post-settlement obligations John J. Wilke, Esq., The Law Office of John J. Wilke Sponsors __________________________________________________________________ 1.0 CLER; 1.0 Certification credit in Civil Trial Law. Cost: $35 members; $ 75 non-members. Those registering after May 13, add $10 late fee. All refund requests must be made no later than 48 hours prior to the date of the seminar. Register online at palmbeachbar.org or by mail (return this form with your check). Name: ___________________________________________Email adress:_____________________________ ___ I will not be able to attend the seminar, however I would like to order the audio. The cost is the same as listed above, however please include $10 for shipping and handling. Allow 1 week for delivery. PBC Bar Association, 1507 Belvedere Rd., W. Palm Beach, FL 33406. 56-687-2800. 5/20/19 PI PBCBA BAR BULLETIN 22