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Unsubscribing from PBCBA E-Blasts If you have accidentally unsubscribed from the PBCBA e-blasts, (or if you opted not to receive them any longer), please keep in mind that other than the Bar Bulletin, the Bar sends all its information about special events and programming, as well as important Court information to its members via e-mail. If you wish to receive our eNewsletters again, simply visit the Bar’s home page at https://www.palmbeachbar.org and add your name to the mailing list by clicking the button that says "eNews Sign-up." Please note that Constant Contact will send you an e-mail to confirm that you wish to be added to the list, so be sure to complete that process. Due to SPAM laws, we cannot add your name back on to our list. In Gore v. State , 719 So. 2d 1197, 1199 (1998), the trial judge precluded the State from introducing certain evidence at trial. Without first approaching for a ruling on whether the defense had opened the door to such evidence, the prosecutor pushed ahead on cross-examination. Id. Because of the prosecutor’s blatant disregard for the trial court’s specific pre-trial ruling, the conviction was reversed on appeal. “The foundation of our legal system depends on fidelity to rules.” Halsell v. State, 672 So.2d 869, 870 (Fla. 3d DCA 1996). The consequences for infidelity to the rules may begin with a verbal warning or reprimand, but continued violations could lead to contempt proceedings against the attorney or even a bar complaint, which could lead to suspension or disbarment. S ee The Florida Bar v. Norkin , 132 So.3d 77 (Fla. 2014) (attorney given two-year suspension and public reprimand for his relentless unethical and unprofessional conduct toward judges and opposing counsel, in large part because he had significant history for engaging in same behavior). In this moment of great public discourse, this may seem like an odd time to talk about professionalism and civility, but it is imperative that attorneys, now more than ever, maintain professionalism and civility in their practice. For more information, The Palm Beach County Bar Association’s Standards of Professional Courtesy and Civility can be found online at http://www.palmbeachbar. org/standards-of-professional-courtesy/ PALMBEACHBAR.ORG 21 LEADING PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE 10% Discount for Bar Members