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Trust Boot Camp Seminar & Reception The Estate and Probate CLE Committee presented its annual full day seminar to a full house in March. A reception followed the seminar. If you missed the live program, you can purchase it in full through the Bar’s CLE library. The seminar’s Judical Panel included Judge Samantha Schosberg-Feuer, Judge Kathleen Kroll & Judge Sarah Willis. Happy birthday to Judge Schosberg-Feuer! Brett Barner, Robb Armstrong & Tara David Brad Avakian, Susan Walker & Kurt Grantham Judge Schosberg-Feuer & Grier Pressly Heath Randolph & Robbie Wight Committee Co-chairs Peter Forman & Allison Sabocik Mark Walters & Dane Leitner Peter Forman & David Beale PBCBA BAR BULLETIN 19 Tammie Massey & Allison Sabocik