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PRESIDENT’S M e s s a g e That's a Wrap! even more convinced that the professionalism and collegiality of attorneys practicing in Palm Beach county especially those actively involved in the PBCBA are unsurpassed. Thank you to all of our members who do their part to help us continue working to maintain this important achievement. Gregory P. Huber 2018-19 PBCBA President Preparing for my final message I’ve been thinking back on this past year and can say without a doubt what I’ve enjoyed most is meeting so many wonderful people, many whom I most likely would not have had the opportunity to meet if I hadn’t been president of the Palm Beach County Bar Association. My belief that we practice law in the best county in Florida was solidified by my experiences and interactions while serving as president. For starters, we have wonderful Judges who serve our community at large every day but also understand the value of the PBCBA and give so much of their time to be involved and interact with our members. This is invaluable, and I personally thank each of them for all they do for the PBCBA. Secondly, from my personal dealings and conversations with attorneys and Judges, I’m I am very proud of the accomplishments we achieved this year, and greatly appreciate the positive feedback I have received. However, any of the successes during my presidency are the result of the hard work, dedication, and passion of others, and I would like to thank them. First, I would like to thank the committee chairs and members. The committees are the backbone of the PBCBA, and without the hard work from our committee chairs and their members, we never could have met the goals we set this year. Last and absolutely not least, I want to thank our amazing executive director, Carla Brown, and all of her staff for everything they do. To say they encountered many obstacles this year is an understatement, but under Carla’s steadfast leadership, the Bar continued to serve its members with little or no disruption. Presidents and members of the Board come and go through the years, but the executive director and Bar staff are the constant stabilizing force that holds this great organization together. I am thankful for Carla and her team and know that the Bar is in capable hands. Finally, I would like to congratulate my dear friend, Jessica Callow, on her induction as the PBCBA’s next president. Jessica is extremely bright, hard-working, and passionate about the Bar, and will no doubt serve us well. I am proud to call Palm Beach Next, I would like to thank the County my home and to have Board of Directors. Unlike many been privileged to serve Boards I have served on in the this amazing organization. past, the PBCBA Board is a working Board. Members take on Thank you, projects throughout the year to, among other things, ensure the success of our events, to monitor and safeguard the viability of the Bar, to be sure we are fulfilling our mission and providing value to our members. The Board is the engine of the PBCBA, and I thank them for keeping us moving in the right direction. PBCBA BAR BULLETIN 3